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New computers these days have a technically somewhat different kind of firmware which is called either EFI or UEFI.

Please note that any computer will contain, besides the BIOS (or EFI or UEFI), also other firmware.

The 6000 looks like an upgrade to the 4000 (just as the 650 was an upgrade to the 601).

The 7000 is a larger phone can be linked to a second unit for huge conference tables.

Updated/fixed defconfigs: ci20, socrates_cyclone5, toradex_apalis_imx6. Issues resolved ( #10141: Squashfs extended attribute failures 2017.08-rc2, Released August 11th, 2017 Fixes all over the tree.

Updated/fixed packages: bind, dbus, erlang-p1-xml, faad2, ficl, gcc, gdb, glibc, jack2, libcurl, linux, linux-headers, lua, mutt, nvme, qt5base, skeleton-common, snappy, stella, swupdate, uclibc, valgrind, webkitgtk.

The new Polycom Sound Station IP 4000 supports SIP and uses the same SIP software as the Sound Point IP 30x/50x/60x phones.

Sound Point IP 670 looks like a color version of the 650 with added gigabit ethernet support. Sound Station IP 60 support G.722 wideband speech and Po E.It will just take a little time, some elbow grease and some hardware.To start this off let’s begin with the brains behind it all: the TFTP server, also known as, Trivial FTP server.Today’s discussion will be on Polycom and how to upload the latest Firmware.For some of you this will be a repetitive read, if you have done this before, but for those just starting out in the industry, or just wanting to learn some new information on Vo IP, then this is for you.

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