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Stewart, 26, and 30-year-old Pattinson are dating again after the actress "made some realisations about her former beau" when she saw him at the Met Gala in May, reported .Stewart allegedly called it quits with Soko because she didn't have with the French singer "what she found only with Pattinson." "Seeing Rob at the Met Gala helped Kristen come to terms with ending her relationship with Soko.She realised that she still hasn't found that deep connection with anyone since she was with Rob," a source said."He was like her soul mate and that's what she's looking for in a relationship.The outlet further revealed that there are millions of fans that are convinced that their beloved Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are still together and are living in the same apartment.

She wanted to go beyond "Bella Swan" and take on more mature and heavy roles for her upcoming movies.

"People think I'm trying to be rebellious, but that's the last thing I'm doing," she said earlier this week.

on a movie set with someone every day for three months, having to act out intense chemistry, and practicing lots of choreographed sexy-time moves is a formula for real-life romance.

But disaster was on the horizon for at least two people in America, and there was no closer observer of their decline than future GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

I’m talking, of course, about KPatz, RStew, Kristert, Robsten, Pattinwart Stewinson: America’s bloodsucking sweethearts, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

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If you saw the Miss Universe girls you would reconsider.— Donald J.

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