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Scenario 1: You assigned a primary schedule at the enterprise level.

However, since workers belonging to a particular department in that enterprise follow different work timings, you assigned a different primary schedule to that department.

I have tried listing items that look similar at roughly the same price, and they rarely get sold.

Even when I start the bids extremely low, it's even rarer to even get bids.

Results: That schedule determines the worker's availability because a schedule assigned to the primary assignment takes precedence over the ones defined at the department level and the enterprise level.

The following diagram illustrates this example: The work patterns and exceptions that exist in the primary work schedule, and any absence entries during the selected time period, impact worker availability.

You should probably look into an online shopping cart system.

Although there is always a risk using software-in-development on a live server, I know people do it anyways, and if you're going to, you should stick with the old version, at least until 0.4.* gets more testing).

I have attempted to input items into the in-game search, but with the limit of only three criteria, you can't input for, and very rarely shows you items that are sold.

Without knowing if an item sells at the listed price, this data is not very helpful at all.

If there are no calendar events created, then the application determines availability based on standard working hours and absences.

To determine availability, work schedules assigned to lower workforce structure levels take precedence over those defined at higher levels.

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