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His mother, Karin, recalls that on graduation day it was pouring rain “like it’s perhaps the last day of New York.” Despite the apocalyptic weather, a thousand students lined up in their blue caps and gowns, eager to take their prize.

Nungesser wore a matching blue bow tie and khaki pants, while some of his classmates stuck red tape to their caps, part of a campus anti-sexual-violence organization called No Red Tape, co-founded by Sulkowicz.

Because while some films here may try to convince us otherwise, “first love” rather implies that there’s a second, and maybe a third…If the latter is often broader and more comedic, the story of a first love lends itself to the more dramatic end of the spectrum—even the comedies we list out here tend to be of the bittersweet variety.But again, it’s a near-universal situation, from the blush and awkwardness and “no one’s ever felt this way ever!Jack Schlossberg pictured in 2011 in front of a portrait of his grandfather.He has already attended several high-profile events, including speaking at the 50th anniversary of New York's John F Kennedy Airport Younger sister Tatiana Schlossberg, 22, went to Yale University, which is what inspired Jack to choose Yale.

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