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"She dated him before her and Tarek were together."ET has learned that Doug has met Christina and Tarek's two children, 6-year-old Taylor and 1-year-old Brayden.

According to the source, Tarek isn't pleased with his estranged wife's new relationship."Tarek has always had a sense of jealousy over her prior relationship with this person," the source claims.

From Beyoncé to Hillary Clinton, Sheryl Sandberg to Dame Sally Davis, public life is full of strong, independent women making their mark on the worlds of entertainment, politics, business and health.

star is dating an Orange County businessman named Doug, a source close to the couple tells ET exclusively."It's new.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, between all of the most highly functioning long-term relationships that I have been witness to over the past decade, these are by far the most common traits that I see embodied in the partners of driven men.

In their business dealings, driven men are wizards at being stubborn and laser beaming to the core of the matter.

The source also claims that ever since Christina told Tarek about her new relationship, Tarek has been acting out.

"He's been spending time with young, attractive women," the source claims."Tarek still can't move forward with the fact that Christina has moved on with her life and that she's truly happy with herself," the source also claims.

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They've been talking and seeing each other for a couple of weeks," the source says.

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