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Refer to a Pivot Item of a Pivot Field present in a Pivot Table directly using a VBA Macro 6.Remove old (ghost) Items from a Pivot Table using VBA Macro 7.I am using the 2007 version and it offers no wizard option when you right click on the table.You need to click on the pivot table to make extra 'Pivot Table Tools' appear to the right of the other tabs at the top of the screen.Click the 'options' tab that appears here then there is a big icon on the middle of the ribbon named 'change data source'. To get the right range and avoid an error message...In order to change the data source from the ribbon in excel 2007... Go to the ribbon where it says Pivot Table Tools, Options Tab. select the contents of the existing field and delete it, then switch to the new data source worksheet and highlight the data area (the dialog box will stay on top of all windows).Once you've selected the new data source correctly, it will fill in the blank field (which you deleted before) in the dialog box. Switch back to your pivot table and it should have updated with the new data from the new source. There is no getdata button on the 'choose external data source' page of the wizard.

In Excel 2007, if you create two pivot tables from the same source data, they automatically use the same pivot cache of the source data.

You don’t have an option to create an independent pivot table.

Because the pivot tables share the same cache, this can cause problems if you group the data in the pivot fields.

Because you created the two pivot tables from the same source data, by default they use the same pivot cache, which is where the grouping is stored.

However, you might want different grouping in the two pivot tables.

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This tutorial covers creating and using a pivot table to extract different information from one data sample.

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