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Like Ali, fifteen-year-old Eleanor* from Philadelphia--a straight-A student and competitive horseback rider--didn’t seem like a girl who’d fall for one of the loner guys at school.That is until James,* a good-looking senior who was somewhat of a rogue, asked her out.More than one-third of abused females had two or more abusive partners: controlling behavior (35.6 percent); put downs/name calling (37.0); pressured sex (42.9); insults (44.3); slapped/hit (50.0); and threats (62.5).Males also had two or more abusive partners, as follows: controlling behavior (42.1 percent); insults (51.2); put downs (53.3); threats (55.6); and unwanted calls/texts/visits (60.7).Here are five benefits you can use to jump start your conversation with your teen: Colleges and scholarship committees will review your teen's transcripts.Better grades, higher test scores, and involvement in a variety of activities can help your teen get more money for college."Dating him felt like an accomplishment," she says.Trevor was the ultimate test: He frequently blew her off, didn’t respond right away to her text-messages, and was completely unpredictable. I’m an overachiever and I like a good challenge," Ali admits.

We used a method similar to the timeline follow-back interview to query adolescents about dating violence victimization from age 13 to 19—including dating violence types (physical, sexual, and psychological), frequency, age at first occurrence, and number of abusive partners.It seemed that nothing was unattainable for Ali*--a Manhattan-based high school sophomore with a near- perfect GPA, a stellar SAT score, and a starting spot on the varsity lacrosse team.Then she met Trevor.*Trevor was prone to cutting class, had quit the soccer team, played bass in a punk band, and hadn’t even started thinking about college.A total of 730 subjects were randomly sampled from university registrar records and invited to complete an online survey, which utilized methods similar to the timeline follow-back interview, to retrospectively assess relationship histories and dating violence victimization from age 13 to 19 (eight questions adapted from widely-used surveys covering physical, sexual, and psychological abuse).Then, for each dating violence type, we asked about the number of occurrences, number of abusive partners, and age at first occurrence.

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