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At the ranch, Victor recalled telling Nick that he was sick and tired of Nick's self-righteousness and hypocrisy and that Nick was no longer his son.

“One being for a man who has died 450 times in movies,” he told the publication, “and yet never dies because of his healing factor, he has no idea, it’s like a tunnel he goes into and never comes out the other side, so there was that very literal meaning in relation to death.Nikki was stunned when Victor told her that he'd had the furniture moved from the tack house into his home.Victor couldn't understand why Nikki was so upset about furniture.“It’s almost hard to talk about it because I get really emotional, because working on the show changed my life in many different ways,” Evan said (via ) during the panel about the effect of the show.“I knew that I wasn’t going to stay this kind of damsel in distress, that I would become strong, but my little brain didn’t go much further than that, or didn’t fully grasp how deep it was going to go, and just how profound it was going to be, and how she finds her strength.

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