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But only after an intruder stabs him with a ceremonial Ashanti dagger, a mortal wound from which he mysteriously recovers, does Hess embrace this practice himself: He sucks blood from the living and the recently killed alike, and stocks a cellar fridge with bags stolen from a nearby blood bank.

Zaraah Abrahams was born 27th March, 1987 in London.

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Twenty years on: the cast of Beautiful Thing, Jonathan Harvey's gay coming of age love story on press night of the play's revival at the Arts Theatre.

From left, Zaraah Abrahams (Leah), Jake Davies (Jamie), Suranne Jones (Sandra), Danny-Boy Hatchard (Ste) and Oliver Farnworth (Tony) Members of the Beautiful Thing cast at the press night after party at Salvador and Amanda on Wednesday night.

From left, Suranne Jones, Jake Davies, Oliver Farnworth, Danny-boy Hatchard and Zaraah Abrahams In 1993, Jonathan Harvey's sweet and moving play about first love between two teenage boys on a London council estate broke new ground.

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Here, compulsions that plague the real world are viewed through the lens of one that only haunts our pop culture: Though Lee doesn't like to call his protagonists vampires, they are undead, crucifix-averse creatures addicted to drinking human blood.

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